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The Crisam Makeup Academy is the only one able to offer professional makeup courses online, with a high level of training.
From the basics to the more specific: the teachers of the Crisam Makeup Academy are available to students to give a complete training, providing all the necessary notions to become successful professionals.

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a Crisam online makeup course?

Because it offers everything a future make-up artist needs, it allows you to cultivate your talent, make it grow and mature.

Fundamental lessons

Fundamental tools to grow in the sector and work as a make-up artist both in the private and public sectors in sectors ranging from fashion to TV to entertainment and cinema.


Those who attend Crisam Professional Makeup Academy make-up courses have an edge. The Academy is in fact known all over the world and is synonymous with professionalism, seriousness and style.

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Who they are for

Crisam Make-up Academy's online make-up courses are dedicated to all those who want to approach the world of make-up.

Didactic specification

The visual theoretical teaching is the basis for a better learning of the subject and above all, it provides a great technical help to the practical part. The online make-up courses offered by Crisam Make-up Academy are designed to provide those who attend them with the tools necessary to succeed in the world of work.


The goal of the online make-up courses of our make-up academy is to provide those who decide to follow our lessons with a complete preparation.

Professional training

All our students will be able to present themselves and always relate correctly and professionally. Precisely on this last point they will also be responsible for knowing how to always create an orderly work plan.


The themes of the course are multiple and different from each other. Of absolute interest and aimed at developing, improving and deepening all the knowledge and skills of the students participating in the lessons.

The online makeup courses offered by our academy are of the highest standard and excellent quality. Always up to date and on the cutting edge of the latest makeup techniques. Always thorough and complete, both in theoretical and technical aspects. Always interesting and full of tips and ideas for the future.

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