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Online Makeup Courses

Those looking for quality training, able to guarantee a national and international professional future, choose the Crisam Professional Makeup Academy. Our online make-up courses, as well as representing the reference point for the best make-up artists.

Online makeup course: becoming a makeup artist thanks to the Crisam Academy

Today there are more and more people who dream of becoming a make-up artist and there are many make-up courses, but there are very few that allow you to have a quality and serious preparation, which allows you to have a future. For years, the Crisam make-up academy has been training and preparing the make-up artists of the future, thanks to long and serious work, which allows them to obtain excellent results.

Working as a make-up artist: the importance of a professional make-up course

In recent years, the work of makeup artist has changed and developed more and more, thanks also to some television programs, Youtube and Instagram. What has changed? Without a doubt, today more than ever, to start a career in the world of make-up it is essential to have a good starting point.

The first step to take therefore is to study at an academy that will provide the right training to face the professional challenge. The make-up artist is not a hobby or a pastime, but a real job, made up of sacrifices, study, but above all of skills that must necessarily be acquired.

Corsi di trucco professionale, lezioni di makeup by crisam professional makeup academy
Corsi di trucco online by Crisam Professional Makeup Academy, lezioni makeup
Corrective Makeup Course 1

it is a fundamental step in the professional and educational path of every make-up artist


Corrective Makeup Course 2

continue your training by following the lessons of the corrective professional makeup course 2


Camouflage Makeup Course

essential for the training of a successful make-up artist, camouflage make-up


Bride Makeup Course

there is no sudden makeup artist, especially when it comes to bridal makeup



The goal of our professional makeup academy

The goal of our professional makeup academy is to train professionals capable of operating in the world of entertainment, fashion, advertising, cinema and beauty. The possibility of acquiring the professional skills necessary to meet specific needs is given by highly qualified training, which can only be obtained through a targeted training course. The execution of various types of makeup, from historical to modern ones, to special effects, involves on the one hand the learning of the various techniques used in different situations, on the other the study and analysis of elements related to morphological and anatomical, to the study of light and color.

ISO 9001 certified, online makeup courses, crisam professional makeup academy


At the end of each online makeup course, following a check, the international Crisam Professional Make-up certificate will be issued, which certifies the completion of the course and passing the tests required by the quality management system adopted by Crisam and UNI EN certified. ISO 9001: 2015. Training sector EA 37 n. SQ 143778 – EQF4 (EQF 4 stands for European Qualification Framework and serves to translate, in a unique way in the various European systems, the qualifications and levels reached and reported by the certificate itself).

Curriculum vitae


An important aspect in choosing a Quality Course

A fundamental point for choosing quality training is the preparation of teachers. A long working career in many fields of makeup, a lot of experience even abroad in contact with other cultures, different productions and customers, create a good professional with a rich work background. A teacher must first of all be a good professional and must also know how to convey the technique, the passion and the right attitude to the work of makeup artist.

Online Make-up Course Teacher
Samantha Peluso

Director of the Crisam Professional Make-up Academy and professional Makeup Artist with more than twenty years of experience as a freelance and training trainer at national and international level.

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